RedWhy is a finishing school for young IT fresh graduates. We give hands on learning experience for a period of three months to IT fresh graduates to build open source products in accordance with the demands of the IT industry and thus increase employability.

We understand the importance of the dynamicity in an ever changing IT environment, and to address this, we are aimed at nurturing students and freshers to become qualified professionals who can successfully handle the challenges coming with it.

The IT industry, despite its success stories, is also bothered by regular nuances that directly or indirectly affect its productivity. Many software engineers are still facing challenges across different levels like adapting to newer platforms/technology and work cultures. Adding to that are issues commonly experienced like lack of adequate knowledge, soft skills, communication skills, or specific experiences. These are coupled with a mindset that needs to improve systems approach/thinking. Such deficiencies can prove costly to any organization, if not addressed effectively.

RedWhy promises to bring such problems under its ambit and makes an effort to solve them. Our approach includes providing suitable programming and analytical skills, improving communication and soft skills, time management, and invoking a systems approach oriented thinking in the programmer. This is achieved by training under a variety of languages, platforms and domains to gain exposure. Learners will be acquainted with the basics of software architecture and its business functionality. They will be prepared to understand customer needs and translate the functional specifications to design and system specifications. The ensuing deep domain knowledge, along with team management skills, will go a long way in project management and risk assessment, when dealing with potential customers in the future.


To increase employability by enabling freshers with skills and expertise that resonates with high quality IT industry standards.

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What We Do

  • Incubated Software Product Development:
  • Provide opportunities for IT job seekers to develop an open source software product and thereby acquire skill sets with an entrepreneural approach.

  • Bridging the Industrial Gap by Experts:
  • It's simple to get IT sorted with our IT Experts. Our friendly and knowledgeable mentors will acquaint you with the best practices in the IT industry. You will gain a direct exposure into the workings of the IT sector by collaborating and interacting with them.

  • Think Future:
  • Think Future is a program designed for academic institutions aimed to deliver Key Insights on current IT trends, serving as a great tool to update you on par with the current global software scenario. This includes interactive sessions that enable students to get awareness and gain practical skills.

  • Add-on skills for IT Industry:
  • IT industries expects their employees to have more than programming and soft skills. Keeping that in mind, our programs are designed to help you acquire those skills. Each participant gets to experience the entire product development life cycle, which includes ideation, validation and prototyping. An open source product idea is put into validation by students, during which they interact with the domain experts and come up with business functional requirements. They further plan the features and develop the prototypes with lean startup methodology.

    Programmes Offered

    Assessing the current demands in the global technological arena, we have formulated programmes and projects aimed at hands-on learning with development of open source software products. For this, our training modules cover Web applications, software building, smartphone applications for Android, iOS and Windows, and a host of other development tools intended to train the candidate with suitable capabilities.