Why do IT companies prefer Experienced people over Freshers ?

Why IT companies prefer experienced people over freshers is question that has to be addressed. In this case, what should a freshers do in order to get placed in the industry? What are the plus points that experienced person has that a fresher doesn’t have?

Here are some points to explain the above queries:

  • Ability to solve problems

Experienced people have the ability to think & solve the problem without any help.

  • Experience people have the subject matter expertise

Experienced people have the deeper knowledge of the subject and they can react immediately.

  • Experience people do not need mentoring

Training & mentoring will not be needed as they will be trained already to be an      expert in the field.

  • Turn around time for training a fresher will take 2-3 months 

Training a fresher takes minimum of 2-3 months depending on the capabilities of the candidate. And training a fresher also takes valuable time of an experienced  person, hence cutting down the productivity of that person. Whereas experience people can be productive immediately in the project.

  • Company will incur the expenses for training the fresher

Expenses such as salary, office expenditure, hardware costs, so on and so forth.

  • Experienced people can be deployed to project immediately

This will help them trim their expenses & making an experienced person                   productive as soon as he is deployed to the project.


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